Enjoying the heater use

This time of year is truly busy at our church.   Both of us made it through the Holidays just good but Spring is even busier.  During that time we celebrate Lent plus Holy Week. This means that there are several extra services that need to be planned.  I work with the worship committee to arrange all of them plus this year we wanted to add an additional worship time. Many churches in the space include a Sunrise Service on Easter plus we wanted to try this too.  This meant that people would arrive around 6:00 am plus in our space this could be below frigid outside. Our Pastor wanted to start the repair outside plus we were actually distraught that this was a disappointing idea.  Who would want to sit outside, in the frigid cold, to begin a worship repair at that minute. He decided that we could solve the problem by starting a bonfire for all the people to gather around. The outdoor portion of the repair would only be about ten minutes plus he figured that several would like the experience.  He also promised to set the control equipment a bit higher so that when people came indoors, they would moderate up suddenly. It is a risk but if it works out it will be a charming way to start the celebration of Easter. This will also supply families with celebrations that they need to attend an early start. They can come to church plus then head house to like a meal with family or take their girls to Easter Egg hunts.  I will be attending that repair myself plus will be gleeful to see how it turns out.

HVAC check up