Enjoying the movie

My wife and I love going to the movies. The entire experience is always a joy for us, from the box office to the post-movie discussion as we walk to the car. Recently, we were in line to buy tickets and I heard someone call my name from behind me. When I turned around, I saw a familiar face. It was one of my best friends from high school, who I hadn’t seen in over a decade! We hugged, and talked about how much we’d both changed. As we walked in, my old friend was going to the same movie, which was great – I wouldn’t mind catching up some more with the guy, even though my wife didn’t like how distracted I was from her. As we walked into our theater, we immediately noticed that it was much colder than usual. I didn’t mind at first, but after sitting and not moving for over half an hour during the previews, both me and my old friend were shivering and my poor wife was actually chattering her teeth. At that point, my old friend decided to go find someone in guest services. Ten minutes later, we began to notice the theater was getting much warmer, and that’s when my old friend walked back into the theater with a smile on his face. He told us that each theater here has their own thermostat, which allows the movie complex to change the temperature in each theater according to how many people are in there. I thought that was pretty clever on behalf of the theater, as did my wife. We were glad to be able to enjoy the movie in comfort, and I took a cue from my wife to give her some attention.

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