Enrolling in a plumbing maintenance program saves money –

Over the years, I’ve learned that professional maintenance of the plumbing system is necessary.  I’ve enrolled in a service program with a local plumbing company. Every year, a licensed plumber comes to the house and troubleshoots every component of the plumbing system.  He checks out the pipes, drains, septic, fixtures, water heater and all of my appliances that rely on water. If necessary, he performs a thorough drain cleaning to keep everything flowing properly.  He looks for leaks, corrosion, blockages and any potential concerns. He further cleans the aerators on the faucets, drains the water tank, and tests water pressure. Even the toilet gets inspected for possible problems.  Because of this annual maintenance, I avoid major malfunction, disruption, damage and energy waste. I can be sure that all components are working at peak capacity and reliability. My pipes, fixtures and appliances tend to last longer, and professional service fulfills warranty requirements.  I am very happy with the professionalism of my local plumbing company. The service program is not overly expensive and definitely pays for itself. Every spring, they give call and remind me that it’s time to set up an appointment. They are very good about accommodating my schedule, and the technician always show up right on time.  The plumber is fully licensed and insured, dressed in uniform and wears foot covers to avoid tracking through my house. He causes no mess or damage, always cleans up any debris or spare parts, and keeps me completely informed. If I should have any problems with any part of the plumbing system, I get priority scheduling and a discount on parts and labor.

plumbing maintenance