Errors are bound to happen in this industry

I have a career working for a digital SEO contractor plus I handle social media postings! I work with google, facebook, corporation manager plus twitter posting for weird companies.

It is an entirely straight-forward job plus sporadically quite boring on most days.

Every single contractor is basically the same! They offer similar services around the exact same prices. The only difference is the name plus where they are, occasionally I need to be real careful though; Certain companies offer 24 hour emergency service while others only do same afternoon service, but a good Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C contractor will have NATE certified workers. Occasionally the companies have Carrier, Bryant or Trane products. However not every corporation is identical though, recently I messed up when I posted on a social media account. The two of us have a few different shoppers with the word Blue in the name. One of the companies has Carrier products plus undergoes training so they are permitted to use the tools work well with the brand. They are all NATE certified plus do yearly training. The other contractor is not certified, licensed plus they don’t even offer emergency service! With that being said, I got these numerous companies confused. I put the wrong information on the different sites. Obviously the highly qualified contractor was seriously irritated that I boosted false information on their facebook. Also, I wrote the name of the wrong contractor on their website. I found out the numerous dealers are competitors plus I was promoting the competition on their website. I got in a lot of trouble at task for that 1. After all of this I am entirely careful when I study the names. I don’t want to make anyone else mad at me.