Evaluations we should do

          When my child was born, he was premature by more than three months and was in the Nicu for two months before we could bring our baby home.  Tyler is now 6 years and he is the light of our lives. Tyler is smart, sensitive, and funny. Over the last few months, Tyler has been developing some drastic dust sensitivities.  Now that the weather is warmer, all of the trees plus the flowers are in full bloom. Tyler is always sneezing and coughing. His eyes are red, sore, and swollen to boot. Then add to the fact that my poor baby has trouble sleeping all the way through the evening. The medical professional recommended a few things to help with Tyler’s dust sensitivities. The first thing we did was buy special air filters for the central HVAC unit. The updated air filters are made particularly for flu symptom and allergy sufferers. They have a very tight network of fibers to remove more bacteria, allergens, including air pollutants.  We then also went and bought a small air cleaner to keep in Tyler’s room. The air cleaner runs all afternoon and evening, as well as keeping his bedroom door closed at all times… When Tyler is having a horrible allergy attack, his room turns into a safe zone. The air cleaner was a fantastic addition to his room. It runs quietly, efficiently, and uses really little electricity, and until Tyler grows out of these dust sensitivities, we are going to monitor our indoor air quality closely. If his health worsens, we might have to think about an air cleaner for the whole house. They can be expensive to install, however, a whole house air cleaner would alleviate even more allergens from within the house.

HVAC filter