Even Our Dogs Are Blessed so It’s Good to Celebrate Our Independence

For a couple of years now, I have been considering moving to another country in order to retire early.

Even if I do move somewhere that has a lower cost of living, I will still only be able to be semi-retired.

That is, I will still have to work at least half time. And I will also need to be able to earn my half-time living online. At this time of year, I often find myself with feelings of patriotism, and then I wonder how I can even consider leaving our country. Yes, we are currently in the throes of a long Fourth of July weekend. This is the time when we wave our star-studded banner and conclude how blessed we are. Even our dogs are blessed. Our dogs have it better than some people. Most of us have plenty to eat. We have rooves over our heads. We go to air conditioned movie theaters and eat ice cream as a treat whenever we want. We drive cars with air conditioning, our shops and stores offer us heating and cooling or we don’t shop there. We spend more on our clothing in a year than some people do in ten years. Even my dog does not stay outside in the sun too long. For a while she enjoys the natural rays, but after a little while, she brings herself into our air conditioned home and lies down by the a/c air vent to cool off. We are fortunate people. We are blessed, whether we deserve it or not, but I still can’t afford to retire in this country. I might have to give up a/c and live somewhere else.
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