Even rich people have groggy air quality systems

I met my mentor some thirteen years ago and she was an amazing, smart, and powerful lady.

She owned a couple of businesses and was also a well-known philanthropist.

She was modest but proud of all the wealth she had acquired from her hard work. Her house imitated a castle. It was humongous and she had built it to fit her desires. She had hired my cooling system business to handle the installation of her air conditioning system. She had chosen to have the mini split air conditioning. My mentor has respiratory issues and needed the air quality to be high everywhere she was and most especially in her home. I flew out abroad and when I returned a few months ago after being away for seven years, she invited me to her house for dinner. The house was still as beautiful and exquisite as I remembered. She had cooked me a lovely meal to celebrate, among other things, the purchase of the commercial HVAC for sale she had in her store. All through dinner, I could smell some musky smell and decided to check the ductless heat pump. The air filter had not been replaced for a while and was clogged with all sorts of gunk which was stinking. She had forgotten to schedule the a/c worker to do the a/c service. The air purifier was in bad shape and we had to order another from the cooling industry. The a/c rep and the cooling expert handled the installation. My mentor made a comment that made me fall down in laughter, she said, “even rich people have groggy air quality systems”. Only that it was her fault for neglecting her unit in the name of being busy.
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