Every day is a long day, when it’s summer

I’m always going to be busy at work, but the summer season is definitely the worst.

In the HVAC industry, the busy season is often dependent on the seasonal weather.

For our company, the busy season is definitely summer. Our winter months are mild, and most folks in the area rarely pay for a furnace or heat pump tune-up. The summer is an entirely different story, because every one of our customers are concerned about the A/C. Most of the summer days are at least 75% humidity, with temperatures near or over 100 degrees. If you don’t have a working A/C unit, you could suffer from heat illnesses or even possible death. We perform free A/C tune-ups each year, for all of the local residents 75 years and over. It’s a nice service that our company performs to the public, so everyone can be comfortable during the hot summer months. During June and July, I usually work 50 hours each week. Between vacation schedules and holidays, everyone has to work a lot of overtime. I spent three days on installations last week, and I spent another three days performing A/C tune-ups over at the apartments. We only have one apartment complex in the whole neighborhood, and they have 295 different apartments. During the months of June and July, we inspect, tune-up, and clean every single A/C system in the whole building. They pay a handsome fee for the service, but they get a huge discount because all of the work is performed at the same time.

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