Everyone here agrees

Ever since our little sibling got engaged she has been planning an outdoor wedding.  For this reason, when they chose an May wedding date, I was shocked. She kept saying that the wildflowers would be in full bloom and she wanted that as her scenery.  There was a locale in the country that had a charming wedding spot up on the base of a small hill that was surrounded by all colors of wildflowers! All of this seemed great, but, you can’t regularly count on Mother Nature cooperating… Under normal circumstances, the date they opted for their wedding would have been perfect as far as the flowers being in bloom, however, now early May, and the flowers have barely begun to bud and it does not look like she is going to have her scenic wedding, with the way the weather has been it will be a wonder if the any of us can even stand outside while the two of them are married.Some of the guests are quite elderly and if it is too chilly they won’t be able to handle the cold temperatures for fear of illness. As the eldest sibling, I took it upon myself to contact the proprietor and see what other buildings the two of us have available in the event of inclement weather, and the two of us lucked out, and they told myself and others that they had a rustic barn that was temperature controlled that could be used if needed; Because they had run into this situation before they even had green screens that showed fields of the wildflowers while they were in bloom that our sibling and her fiance could use while taking pictures. I believe this was not her ideal plan, however it is regularly relieving to have a backup in case the original spot falls through.

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