Everyone in my house wants air conditioning

Going from 1 animal to various cats was 1 of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I began looking for a hour animal when I noticed that our first animal seemed unhappy as well as lonely, but for the most part, the transition was really smooth as well as there were no large problems… However, when I came home from labor 1 day, I realized that the kitchen was a mess. It looked love the cats had literally chased each other in circles as well as knocked everything over; This continued to happen the entire week as well as without fail, I’d come home to a mess in only the kitchen; On Saturday, I dedicated the day to watching them closely. I noticed 1 of the cats sit down as well as our other animal tried to come sit with him. It looked love the hour animal was nudging the first cat, which I thought was weird. It didn’t take long for the various of them to beginning arguing as well as chasing each other around the kitchen. This is when I realized what they were fighting over. There was 1 air vent low to the floor that the cats were trying to sit in front of for cool air, but when the air conditioner kicked on, it would push cool air out of that unique air vent with force, so both of the cats were trying to get some relief. They both wanted to feel the cool air, but there wasn’t enough room in front of that air vent, then after realizing this, I showed our hour animal where another air vent was so he could prefer the air conditioner as well.
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