Excited with the layout of the HVAC

When my daughter bought her home, she was really counting on all of the new homeowner credits for her taxes this year.  Unfortunately, there was huge overhaul and tax reform changed a lot of the credits and deductions. She was thinking she had made a big mistake in buying her home.  I tried to explain to her that she should take her taxes to a professional. I was sure there were still some little known credits and deductions that she could take.  A professional could help her with them. She had to do a lot of repairs to the old house and she had just replaced the heating and air conditioning system. She said she just couldn’t afford to pay a lot of money to the Income Tax services, after buying a house.  She planned on their tax credits, to offset what she would normally pay. When she went to the tax professional, she found out that by purchasing her new heating and air conditioning system, was going to be what she needed to balance out her taxes. The state offered certain tax credits for energy star purchases.  She could also apply for rebates to her energy company and all she would have to do was give the information about her HVAC system, so they make sure it was Energy Star. That would save her some money. She was very pleased that I had told her to go to a tax professional. He actually got her just about the same amount of savings she needed to keep from paying any taxes in the upcoming year.

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