Expensive air filters

A lot of people think that an expensive air filter will work better than a cheap air filter. This isn’t always the truth, depending on the brand and model. All air filters are made with one job in mind. The common air filter is made to reduce allergens and air pollutants, while cleansing the air of harmful odors. Many different home appliances are equipped with air filters. The HVAC unit is the most common air filter application, but the vacuum cleaner, microwave, and dryer all have air filters. Some air filters are designed for specific problems. Flimsy cheap air filters are not designed for homes with pets, smoking, or other harsh indoor odors. Cheap air filters can work well for a standard home or apartment. They remove most large dust particles, and they keep unnecessary pollutants from harming the integrity of your HVAC unit. Expensive air filters are made for specific situations. Some air filters are specifically designed to reduce allergens and roaming bacteria in the home. They will naturally be more expensive, because they are designed to work better. Special air filters can be made to reduce nicotine odors or horrid kitchen smells. Hospitals, doctors offices, and Clinics all use high-efficiency particulate air filters. Most people know these are filters as a HEPA filter. They are the highest grade filters, and they remove the smallest particles and germs. If you need something for everyday use, I suggest a traditional air filter that is made to be changed monthly. They usually cost around $3-10, depending on the size and materials. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have clean air in your home.