Expensive House Has No Central Heating as well as Cooling

My daughter moved to a more southern area of our state, as well as she is now much closer to the beach.

I suppose she really prefers the move, and, in fact, I have been considering making a similar transport myself.

She lives on the west coast of the state, but I have been thinking about moving to the southeast side of the state, which is where I spent the majority of our childhood. It turns out, though, that I may be re-thinking that. My daughter has a friend who lives right in our village where I grew up, as well as both of us have decided that the cost of residing there is too outrageous for words. Her friend, Marcie, bought a undoubtedly small condo there. I could have purchased four of our houses for what she paid for that a single, as well as suppose what? It has no central heating as well as cooling! I could not even think it! That’s right, she paid almost half a million dollars for a condo that is just over 1000 square feet as well as only has window air conditioning units! I did not even suppose that it was legal to sell a condo in our state without a nice air conditioning unit. I mean, cooling system is a necessity when residing in the hot as well as humid southeast. I have lived here since the 1971s as well as I have never lived in a condo without central heating as well as cooling. I recommended that she update the window cooling system units with the newer, better mini-split air conditioning units, as well as she wants to do that. However, the price of the condo means her mortgage payments are so high, it’s going to take a while to save up the money for the current cooling system units. Ridiculous!
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