Extra job for heat

We all know that the winter is a super stressful time of year for the majority of us. There are so many additional pressures to fit into your regular life between the months of October and January, not to mention the horrific outdoor air temperature making every aspect of normal life a complete disaster. It’s hard to get anything done, let alone finding time to purchase the most perfectly thoughtful gifts, shovel the driveway every three days, and finding a second or third job in order to afford the seasonal hardships. Yes, of course I’m referring to the added costs of buying presents and visiting with family… but in our house the extra expenses include having to run the central heating at home. You see, our home is a rather spacious and poorly insulated old house. The attic is barely insulated and a lot of our heat flows straight out through the roof. There are many drafty windows that allow our hot air to leak out and the cool air to leak in. All in all, it’s a pricey feat just to keep the indoor air at a moderate temperature. That’s why I have to go out and find additional work around September each year, just to support our regular air temperature control at home. By the time I acquire my first real paycheck the cool fall air is settling over the area and I can afford to have a professional HVAC inspector come out to service the furnace. From there on out, it’s continual heating each day, every day. It’s a bummer to do all that work for very little, but at least every time the energy bill arrives in the mail I know I can pay to keep the family warm.

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