Extra padding in the walls

One little pro tip for you that may help you both save energy plus to extend the life of your central heating plus A/C plan is to put extra insulation into your home.

Even if you feel that the insulation in your lake house is in perfect shape, don’t let this fool you, you need to check your walls plus all the windows for air leaks and pockets.

Because if you have any, that means you need the extra padding. When your insulation isn’t 100%, it causes your central heating plus A/C plan to work overtime to heat plus cool your home. This causes far higher electric bills that can be avoided. Not to mention, it will also extend the lifetime of your central heating plus A/C plan if it is not actually overworking itself. This is where insulation comes in. Many do not even bother to suppose about more insulation when it comes to their central heating plus A/C unit. They just suppose that if their central heat plus air conditioning component unit is totally current plus pretty new that everything is a-ok. No! That is not the case at all! Insulation is entirely everything when it comes to heating plus cooling inside your home. If you have the outside air seeping in, that is all the extreme weather getting inside your home. Also if you have air quality concerns in your area, awful insulation can cause truly awful air quality plus make even a whole lake house air purification plan not do its job all the way. So check your insulation plus be much happier tomorrow. Trust me, it is the truth. I know all this from experience!


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