Facilities Director

Try to find an office building where every cubicle has the same climate control.  I know it is impossible. An air conditioner that works better in some rooms, and not the other is a very common climate control issue.  Companies deal with that problem daily while heating or cooling their building. However, keeping your environment at just the right temperature control is vital in order to keep all the office personnel happy.  That’s where I come in. I’m the facilities supervisor for my leasing company and we manage several office buildings. It is always quite a challenge to provide heating and cooling for the masses. As hard as I try, I just can’t keep everyone satisfied with their own climate control.  I strive every day to keep the heating and cooling to everyone’s preferences. Sometimes I will have to work with the supervisor of the unhappy employee in order to find their air conditioning comfort level. We may have to redirect the conditioned air a different direction at the A/C vents.  Or maybe even have that employee moved to another cubicle away from the air conditioning vents, which is actually a more difficult process than most people think. To have an employee moved from one cubicle to another simply to avoid the A/C vents is only asking for more trouble. Not long after that, more people will want to have the office space relocated as well, and that starts to cost money.  I will offer to close up any air conditioning vents before I move an office space.

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