Failure of a HVAC system

I decided to take my son out to this cool jumping arena with a bunch of bounce houses for his birthday. The arena was really something, and the bounce houses were really something! They even had a bounce house that was basically a basketball court. You could just take shots on the hoop! There was also a cool rock climbing wall, and I really couldn’t resist trying that out. There were also a bunch of arcade games, so the kids were really having a wonderful time for a while. Something changed in the air quality rather swiftly though, as the people I was with and I came to find that the temperature control plan in the arena broke down. It started overheating in the building, and fast! While we had a good time for roughly an hour, this happened and suddenly it was becoming unbearable for the kids to even jump in the bounce houses any longer. The people I was with and I decided to just gather up all the children, and sing happy birthday before the group cooked to death! We all had the drinks with the ice and that was the only thing keeping us from suffering heatstroke. The staff members there apologized profusely for the failure of the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning plan, saying they had a bunch of stationary fans going that would help out. While that was at least better than nothing, the people I was with and I knew that we wouldn’t be able to stock around there for much longer. At least we were able to appreciate our stay for a little bit of time! The group of us had to go before long though, as we all wished my son and I could have stayed there longer to get our money’s worth. Our son didn’t mind, thankfully – we went to a local ice cream parlor to have some delicious cool treats, and it was still a joyous birthday!

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