Faithful heating and air conditioning despite the intense climate changes

I love my car! I’ve driven that bad by up and down the coast so many times, with no problems.

After, what felt like, a thousand road trips, I had to get some drastic repair done and all the tune-ups necessary to make sure that my car could handle more trips like the ones I was taking.

After I was told that the repairs were done, I did my own inspection of the car. Everything looked in order and I was all set to go out on my next road trip! I went out almost immediately. Having the basic things, like good gas mileage, is not only a good thing to have, but great for someone like me! The air conditioner was another important component for a long trip. You need to feel comfortable when your cooped up for that long. I’m always adjusting my air conditioner on a long drive. It can accommodate to any cold and rainy day to a hot and humid one. I’ve gone through all climates and the cars air conditioning system was able to handle all of it! No matter the temperatures outside, I was comfy on the inside. I suppose I made the right choice back when I bought this vehicle.

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