Fall air conditioning problems

This week at church all of us had some pretty serious concerns with our oil furnace, but for some reason, there were way more attending people than familiar there this week. Usually all of us average somewhere around 150 people in our Monday service, but this week I know there must’ve been easily 300 people! That’s a good problem to have, I suppose, but it also just so happened that this week was also the first day of fall. That actually means that the weather is cooling off as well as the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plans are currently getting all out of whack. The air conditioning system plan at church was apparently still programmed for actually sizzling weather, as well as I don’t know for sure that our building repair crew had even checked the temperature controls in the old building since the weather started decreasing; So this week, with the cooler weather outside all of a sudden as well as all of those extra people inside, things started getting actually sizzling way inside. The temperature control must’ve still been set at Summer temperatures, which simply means that the air conditioning system should’ve kicked on. However, something highly bizarre happened as well as the heating started running instead! By the time the heating repair was halfway over, I was dripping with sweat enjoy crazy as well as the entire location was still heating up more as well as more! I was actually cheerful when I was able to get outside into the cooler weather after all of us sang the final song!

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