Fan is turned on, furnace is not.

I have an admission to make, I am a immense baby when it comes to indoor temperature control, and i wish that it wasn’t the case, and I believe like a real drama queen when the issue arises, then however, the fact is that I am harshly sensitive to my surrounding air temperature, however my body does not seem like it’s capable of sustaining appropriate internal temperatures itself, so I am at the mercy of my surroundings 24/7, however generally, I have a legitimately high heat tolerance and a legitimately low cold tolerance, and that’s why, I am unhappy to tell you that right now I have no working heat… When I got condo from work this week, I was not in the mood for any Shenanigans.

I just wanted to settle down, research some graduate schools, and prefer my evening.

When I walked in the house, I was unhappy to find that the air felt similar in temperature to the brisk, cool air outside; At first, I thought maybe I was being dramatic, so I walked over to the temperature control and examine to the current gas furnace settings, and unluckyly for me, I found the temperature control was set appropriately to 74°. However, the actual temperature monitor study only 62 degrees. I went to the air vent and held my hand in front of the flowing indoor air. To my disgust, it felt cold to the touch. Then, I tried to adjust the temperature control up higher, but of course nothing happened. it’s pretty clear that my furnace isn’tworking and it’s simply cycling cold air throughout the new home in a feeble attempt to reach the temperature control settings. Unluckyly, it’s a long holiday weekend and there has no way I am going to be able to maintenance this gas furnace. I know I shall be bundling up for a few days.