Far away from the boiler

Student teaching was no fun for me at all. First, teaching full time for free was just not right. Second, the head teachers were mean and not all that helpful. Lastly, the work conditions were almost torture. I had two placements for my senior year of college. One job had me in a classroom that was adjacent to the boiler system. The boiler would turn on shortly after school started every day. The classroom would start to feel like an oven and would stay hot all day long. Everyone in the room would sweat. The room got to be so hot that eventually, we would be forced to open the windows. As a result, the snow would actually blow into the classroom now and then. It was excessive heating for our room. But, it is not like our class could manipulate the boiler via a thermostat. The boiler was functioning on a central thermostat and had to heat classrooms everywhere in the building. My second placement put me in a very different situation. The room I was as far as possible from the heater. The heater took forever to affect our classroom. We would not get any heating until about lunch time. Then, the heater shut off an hour before classes were actually over. The class would be downright frigid by the time the kids departed. As a teacher, we had to stay even later. Our room would feel ice cold by the end of the day. I really don’t miss student teaching at all.

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