Father’s day HVAC gift

Every year father’s day is a pretty big deal to my family. Many years ago we had a big health scare on father’s day, and we almost lost my dad. Since then, seven years and counting, we always throw a big party on father’s day and the whole extended family comes. Uncles, cousins, in-laws, everyone who can come is there. It isn’t just about my dad, it’s really a celebration about family, but we all do throw in and get him a big gift every year. There is a new processing plant nearby, and he has been complaining about the air quality, so this year we decided to get him a new central HVAC system for his house. It cost several thousand bucks, but between all of us siblings and cousins it actually wasn’t that expensive for a top of the line climate control system. He would have a smart thermostat to monitor all his temperature and humidity settings, adjust the indoor air quality when needed, and even more. The system came with a humidifier and a dehumidifier, so that he could get the best possible air quality for his old lungs. The smart thermostat was also connected to my phone, so that I would get a text alert when the air filter needed changing or there were any problems. My dad loved the new HVAC system, and I can tell it has had a very positive impact on his health. Indoor air quality is important to your health, especially when you start to get on in years like my dad.