Faucets and water quality

When I woke up last Saturday morning, one of the last things I expected to see was a huge water stain seeping through the ceiling directly over my bed. Now, at first I thought I was definitely seeing things. And then I started to hope that the round shape on my white ceiling was just a shadow from the early morning sunshine’s rays. When that shadow continued to grow in circumference, I knew I had to jump out of bed to turn on the light. Sadly, it was just what I had suspected—and feared. A primary pipe in the upstairs restroom appeared to have burst. Well, now the plumbing issue was making itself known in the white plaster of my sagging ceiling. I decided to run up the stairs but was surprised to find that the hallway carpet outside the lavatory was quite wet and squishy. This was not a good sign! So I opened the lavatory door to find there was water an inch deep all over the floor. Not only that, but water kept pouring slowly from under the lid of the toilet and running down onto the tile floor. I froze up. I just didn’t know what to do first. Should I start by checking the toilet? Or turning off the water main? Should I check the pipes and then sop up the water? Perhaps I should throw down towels before proceeding? I actually started to panic. Now, I eventually got ahold of myself and ran back downstairs to the telephone. I immediately called our local plumbing firm and begged them to send someone to our home instantaneously. I told them that I’d even be willing to pay them top dollar for emergency plumbing maintenance. I simply needed this leak stopped! They got to my home in just fifteen minutes. And they had the problem fixed in about twenty minutes. I’ve can’t say I’ve ever been so pleased to see a professional plumber in my life!

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