Field trip a/c component

Each and every opening that I get to take as a chaperone for field trips for our kids school, I take it, but the way I am seeing it, I only have a few more years where I have the opening to do stuff such as this, however before too long he will be growing up, plus will no longer want me to tag along with him on his class trips! Once I had that realization I never missed an option to help him out with his class.  Last spring both of us took a trip out to a local dairy farm to see how it worked “behind the scenes.” I am quite blissful I went with him, of course, but it was the most trying one yet; I hadn’t realized how much I rely on constant air conditioning until I got out on a farm that had none of it. It makes sense, of course, why would any farmer bother to install AC into a massive barn filled with milking cows? No doubt that would be prohibitively expensive, plus a total waste of the Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment, and cattle don’t need air conditioning, plus even if they did have it all it would do is cause the milk to taste odd, then none of the youngsters seemed overly bothered by the lack of weather and climate conditions control, even though I did see a few other parents perspiring. I asked the farmer if there was an open room or some other location where I could lay down plus soak up some air conditioning for a while, but the farmer just giggled at me. The only location that had AC was the farmhouse, plus I was definitely not allowed in there.

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