Fighting with my boss to get some vacation days

My little sister graduates from college at the end of the month, and my boss is being a jerk about taking some time off.

He doesn’t like anyone to take days off in the summer, and that means no one takes vacation during June, July, or August.

These three months are absolutely the busiest time of the year for our heating and air conditioning company. I’ve been working for the heating and air conditioning company for the past 5 years. Ever since I started, the rule has always been the same. No one is allowed to take vacation time during the summer, period. I didn’t want to miss my little sister graduating from college, and I begged my boss to give me 4 days off at the end of the month. My boss hemmed and hawed for weeks, and he really tried to get me to reconsider. Unfortunately, I didn’t budge. I really wanted to be in the audience when my sister received her diploma. She worked so hard to overcome a lot of obstacles. It was important to my family and myself that all of us be there to see the end of her journey. I had to threaten to quit, before my boss decided to give me the days off. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if he would watch me walk out the door. I guess it’s a good thing that my Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning skills are excellent. I have three large accounts that request my services every time. We might lose those customers if my boss lost me.

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