Filling the wood furnace

I can still hear my mom talking about her life when she was younger.  I also hear so many people say that life used to be so much simpler back then.  My mom seemed to think that life is simpler now, than it was when she was younger.  They used to go over to the island and gather coal, so they could have the coal for the stove to keep them warm.  I can’t imagine kids nowadays doing anything like that. If they get up in the morning and adjust the thermostat to get themselves warm, it is a major accomplishments.  My granddaughter surprised me a couple weeks ago. She had no problem getting up in the morning and going outside to put wood onto the outdoor wood furnace. She was out there in the dark, before going to school, piling wood into the furnace.  She would get home from school and pile wood into the furnace before going to work. I was helping her by holding the light, but she wouldn’t let me load the furnace. She said it was her job while her parents were away. I was there to take care of her little sister and not to tend to the furnace.  A couple mornings, she was so sleepy that I let her sleep. She worried about the furnace and I assured her that I would load it up for her. I remember putting wood into the old furnace we had when I was sixteen. The difference is that we had a furnace in the house and not outside.

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