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We’re putting our lake house up on the market next month. Prior to selling the place, we’re doing some last-second renovations plus cleaning up before the house is appraised. In the past few months, both of us had several appliances completely replaced, but the last appliance on our to-do list is the clean-up, but more likely the replacement of the Heating & Air Conditioning system. If it’s up to par, the two of us won’t necessarily need to completely replace the whole plan. That’s a big “if” though, which is why we called a Heating & Air Conditioning professional to give us an evaluation. After the Heating & Air Conditioning professional arrived, the two of us were a little bit worried about her findings. But after a thorough analysis of the entire Heating & Air Conditioning system, she had only suggested a thorough cleanse of the ductwork throughout the house. Explaining that she could get it done within a few hours, it wouldn’t cost a fortune as the two of us had feared. So all in all, we’re feeling far more prepared and ready to throw our lake house on the market. All we have to do now is hope for a high price in the lake house appraisal!

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