Finally, an answer!

The AC in my car has always acted strange when I take it in to be repaired.

I would take the car to the AC repair shop and the AC technician would call me an hour later to say the same thing that I’ve heard a million times and I would be forced to pick up my car and go along with my life. He would tell me that the AC was blowing cold air and that I had nothing to worry about. The second I would drive it off the lot was the second that it would start messing up again. The vents in the car would blow hot air most days, except for the days I would take it in to the AC repair shop to be looked at. Every AC repair shop in town probably thought I was a crazy person looking for something to be wrong with my air conditioner. The most annoying part was that it always blew cold air when I took it in for maintenance! I told my dad about the issue and he said that he had a car with the same problem many years ago. His best advice was to bite the bullet and have the air conditioner replaced completely, or, buy a new car. I told him that I was not ready for a car payment so he helped me to pay for a new air conditioner for the car. I thought that was very nice of him to help me pay for a new AC for the car. I was so happy when the summer months came around that I was going to have a new AC!



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