Finally I called the HVAC company

I like to think I am a pretty tough woman, and that there are very few things I cannot handle. When I encounter something that is out of my depth, usually I try to resolve the problem quickly and quietly. This way, the people around me never see me needing anything or asking for help, they only see the strong, confident problem solver persona I present to the world. I don’t know why it is so important for me to seem in control at all times, but for whatever reason, it is. A few weeks ago I returned from a short vacation to find that my home air conditioner had stopped working at some point. My house was hot and humid, and the thermostat did not respond to my command at all. Instead of doing the normal thing and just called an HVAC company I went online and started looking for answers. I must have thought I could figure out how to do air conditioning repairs on my own in a few hours, when in fact it takes education and certification to figure it all out. It was only after two days that I finally broke down and placed a call to a local heating and cooling repair company. They sent over an HVAC tech who was nice enough to let me follow him around and watch everything he did. I told him I wanted to learn as much as I could about my air conditioner, for the future. He told me the first thing to learn was to change out the air filter every month.

HVAC tech