Finding a storm generator for my HVAC system

August and September might be the two most stress months for me as a homeowner.  Living in the south comes with the perks of avoiding excruciatingly uncomfortable freezing winter weather every single year.  Granted, I am extremely thankful for never having to shovel snow, or chop wood, or preheat my car before work ever again. It might drop below 40 degrees a few times a year in my region, but that’s nothing compared to the subarctic conditions my family faces for four to five months each year.  Instead of the winter freeze, I have the late summer, early autumn severe storm scare. The worst of it is worrying about a near apocalyptic scenario with a death machine sized hurricane blasting through my area and leveling everything in sight, or perhaps a stray F5 tornado ripping apart everything in a three mile swathe.  But for all of the times in between, we’re still faced with lots of rain and thunder during this three month window. Take it from me, it doesn’t take a severe storm to knock out your power for hours or days on end. I have sat through mild thunderstorms and watched my lights flicker on and off as the thunder receded to soft, muffled murmurs, miles away in the distance.  Even if I’m dealing with a particularly poorly built electrical grid here, I have decided I need a storm generator to power my HVAC system when the power goes out for longer than a few minutes at a time. All I had to do was find a generator that had enough starting watts and running watts to power the air conditioner in a power outage. The generator I bought ended up having enough additional electricity available to simultaneously power my refrigerator, another important appliance to keep on at all times.  Now my fears over inexplicably long and random power outages are mostly assuaged. At least I’ll still have AC and my food won’t spoil.