Finding affordable housing

I need to find affordable housing. It doesn’t exactly matter what, as I am looking for furnished rentals, serviced apartments or affordable apartments. I am in a very quick need of finding a place and quick, as I am supposed to be out of my current apartment next week and I need a living space near me to live in. So far, I have browsed through the new listings and I have found several options, but most with a very high price that comes with them. This is why I am trying to find affordable apartments or even month to month rentals. I’ve seen multiple places that offered monthly lease options, but they are farther away from, but at this point, I am beginning to run out of options and I might need to move further away. Even with searching all the newest listings, I guess where I live doesn’t have much to offer corporate apartments and corporate suites wise. Never mind fully furnished rentals, as they seem to be more popular and even harder to find. Especially if they are monthly furnished apartments. I think I am going to go ahead and go with the further away executive housing options, as I am thinking that’s the only choice I have. I am hoping I can find one with a month to month lease, in case I get my situation figured out and I need to move out quickly. Hopefully I can find a decent short term housing place until I can get my situation fixed.



temporary housing