Finding An HVAC company that reminds me to schedule annual maintenance

I was having some trouble remembering to schedule maintenance for the furnace and air conditioner every year.

I needed to make sure to call a licensed HVAC contractor every spring to service the air conditioner, and again in the fall for the furnace.

These are very hectic times of the year for me. Quite a few times, I completely forgot. I wouldn’t think of it until well into the season. I’d notice that the furnace wasn’t putting out as much heated air or was introducing a lot of dust into the house. I’d realized that the air conditioner was running for longer cycles and costing me a fortune in electricity. Calling for upkeep in the middle of January or July is not a good idea. The local HVAC contractors are super busy and it’s difficult to get an appointment. There was no way to get an available appointment time on a Saturday or after work. I’d end up taking a day off to meet the technician. I also worried that some small issue with the heating or cooling system would have the opportunity to grow into expensive and serious damage. Plus, I need a record of annual professional maintenance to fulfill the requirements of my manufacturer’s warranty. I mentioned this problem to one of the HVAC technicians. He told me that if I enrolled in a maintenance plan with his company, they would call me up and remind me to arrange service. Plus, I’d get a significant discount on parts and repairs, as well as priority scheduling. I liked the sound of all these benefits. I invested in the service plan and I just love the convenience.
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