Finding the right weed for inspiration

What I really like to do is watch a movie high. I really like finding a movie known for its colors like Life of Pi or its visuals like Star Trek or anything outer space oriented. Then I smoke some cannabis and enjoy the ride. Thankfully I live in a location that allows for recreational marijuana. I think that there are at least 4 recreational marijuana stores near me. I also can order legal weed online and have it shipped to my front door. Sometimes I am lazy plus I like getting cannabis sent to my home. There are times that going into the cannabis dispensary is the experience that I want. I like touring the different THC plus CBD products. I appreciate looking at the new ways to consume marijuana. You can smoke with papers, water pipes, hookahs or bongs. You can also try edibles, oils and flowers. The choices in the store are so vast. Finding the right strain, smell and kind of high that you want is key as well. The one cannabis dispensary I go to by our house is the best. The budtenders are all local people that get exactly what I am searching for. They get what kind of products would interest me plus what kind of high I want. There is a particular smell plus feeling I am looking for when I watch films. I want to be calm, yet also feel creative. I want a stunning, bright movie to inspire me to write, read plus reflect on my life. Being high while seeing a good film is just so fun.


recreational cannabis dispensary