Fireplace Inserts Can Help Your Heater Out during Winter Months

Do you have a lovely wood burning fireplace where you live? Fireplaces are common in my neck of the woods, and I would like to use mine as a heater, as we don’t need gigantic furnaces here in the south.

  • As a rule, air conditioning is much more important than the heater because it is the south, after all.

I enjoy my wood burning fireplace, and fireplaces are lovely to enjoy, but experts tell us that they are not really the best option for heating the house efficiently. They say that the fire needs a certain amount of air to keep burning, so it draws in air and sends it shooting up the chimney. Still, if you like the idea of keeping the furnace off and using the fireplace as your means of heating, a fireplace insert might just help you do it efficiently. A fireplace insert is an all-in-one unit that has a fuel source that might be wood or gas or whatever. The fireplace insert gets installed inside the existing wood burning fireplace to make it more efficient at heating. Everyone loves to snuggle up next to a fireplace and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa while reading a good book, but if you are looking to really have an efficient heater, a plain old fireplace just doesn’t cut the mustard. You should look into getting a fireplace insert so your fireplace can become a decent heater. A wood burning fireplace insert also uses fewer logs. That means you get to enjoy the fire for longer, use the furnace less frequently, and have less mess after the fire has gone out. Right now, I have an old fashioned fireplace, but I am not going to get a fireplace insert because I am a renter. However, when I get my own place, I am going to cut down on heater use in the winter by getting a fireplace insert.


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