Fireplace that is real cozy

My boyfriend in addition to I got a wild hair to go away for the weekend. I thought it would be romantic to rent a lover’s cottage out in the country. I found a cute a single study room lover’s cottage with a kitchen, study room, in addition to fireplace. The images online were unquestionably delightful, in addition to they depicted a interesting in addition to quaint cozy place. My boyfriend was getting into it, after seeing the reservation in addition to accompanying images. My boyfriend was not quite as happy when I told his there was no Wi-Fi signal at the lover’s cottage. I promised that everything would be fine, but I was without a doubt wrong. The weather outside was frigid, but the lover’s cottage had a fireplace. My boyfriend in addition to I pulled up to the front door, in addition to the out outdoor scenery looked just love the images. The people I was with and I waltzed through the front door, in addition to most of the lover’s cottage resembled the online images. The people I was with and I were entirely satisfied with the cute little home. It was still unquestionably chilly in the lover’s cottage, so the two of us started to look for and get stuff for the fireplace. I gathered some wood from outside. My boyfriend discovered some matches in addition to kindling near the fireplace. The owner of the lodge was careful to provide plenty of wood outside and my boyfriend hat plenty of wood inside. It was piled high on the back porch, so I did not have far to trek to get it. My boyfriend in addition to I had a romantic weekend together, in addition to the fireplace was charming and pretty in addition to cozy, then during the night, it was almost too chilly in the boudoir. The people I was with and I kept the door open as well as stoked the fireplace before heading to bed each night. Last year, I took our boyfriend to the exact same little lover’s cottage to propose.

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