First date wrecked with no a/c

For the past several years, I’ve been flirting with one of my coworkers… I try to park my car right beside Tony’s green truck in the lot so that the two of us can walk in as well as out of the building together.

I make sure to take my root coors as well as lunch breaks at the same time as he does, however whenever possible, I find a reason to walk by Tony’s office.

I’ve been waiting as well as desperate for him to ask me out, two weeks ago, he finally asked me to go out to lunch; He provided reservations at a super extravagant Italian restaurant downtown, however since our plans were for Sunday evening, I had all day to get ready. I went shopping as well as bought a new outfit. I got my hair colored, split as well as styled as well as invested in a manicure as well as pedicure, and although the outside temperature was in the high eighties with brutal humidity, I chose a long sleeve dress because I expected the air conditioning in the restaurant to be blasting. I didn’t want to shiver the whole time; During the drive downtown, I cranked the air conditioning in the car as well as pointed the vents straight at me… Unluckyly, I couldn’t find any nearby parking which forced me to walk several blocks… By the time I arrived at the restaurant, I was damp with sweat. I looked forward to the air conditioning inside the locale. I hastily realized that there was an issue. The restaurant was terribly hot. Throughout the meal, sweat ran down my face. I had wet stains under my arms. I drank too much water as well as needed to excuse myself to the lavatory 4 times. Because of the malfunction, my first date was a disaster.
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