First day of college and there’s no A/C

I’ve grown up in the south. I was born here, raised here, and went through all of my public school career here. With southern living comes the development of a tolerance to the intense heat that lingers in these parts, as more than six months of the year brings varying levels of the summer heat. When I went to college, I was under the impression that me paying to attend meant that the school would be in excellent condition! What else were they doing with the tuition money, right? Well, they definitely were not investing my course fees into the school! My first day of college was evidence of that, as my very first class had no air conditioning at all. The windows were propped open, and a single box fan was propped up on the professor’s desk. All of us were pouring sweat into our clothes as we struggled to pay attention and take notes on the lecture. It was a lost cause! How was I supposed to excel and learn when there wasn’t any form of A/C to cool us down? Each class was like that – no A/C, no ceiling fans, nothing. The indoor air quality was awful due to the lack of air circulation, too. When I went home from school that day, I came just inches away from dropping out of my classes and taking the semester off. Thankfully, my parents convinced me not to make such a callous decision, so I stuck it out. The school was able to fix the air conditioning systems on site after a few weeks, and the HVAC repair technicians that fixed the A/C systems were praised by every student and professor alike!

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