First year of college leaves much to be desired

When I was in my last year of high school, my parents and friends wouldn’t shut up about how awesome it would be to go to college. Total freedom and control over my days and nights? Sure, that sounds good! Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly the truth. My first year of college proved to be much more work than play, as I had to get settled into my dorm room, find a decent part time job, and get myself ready for a full load of classes that semester. It was rough! Still, the worst part about the first year was my dorm, and the terrible heating and air conditioning system used in each room. My dorm hall was old, so each room had a window mounted air conditioning unit as well as an electric space heater. The insulation in each room was also pretty bad, as decades had passed since it was first laid into the walls of the hall. The little bursts of warm or cool air that came from the poor quality heating and air conditioning equipment didn’t linger in the room for long! Topping it all off was the fact that there was no ceiling fan, oscillating fan or any other equipment to help circulate the air. To sum it up, my dorm room was one of the most uncomfortable places I could ask to have as my home for the next year. The air quality was always poor, and it felt as if there was no airflow in the room at all most days. I was so thankful when sophomore year came, and I was able to find an apartment to rent with some friends in school.

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