Fish odor and air purification

I am lucky enough to live in an area that hosts one of the largest and oldest country fairs in the country.  We have been having a fair the last 70 years. That is quite a long time. There has only been twice that the fair did not go on and both times were due to flooding. The fairgrounds are close to the river.  Whenever we get a lot of rain and the river goes over its banks, the place get flooded. It takes a week without rain and with a lot of sunshine, to be able to go through the parking area, because you get mud bogs that are over the shoes deep.  The awful smell in the parking area, is horrendous. All you can smell is dead fish. The main part of the fairgrounds fare a bit better. They have a lot of rock and some blacktop on the main streets. Yesterday, when our daughter and I were walking around the fair, the two of us saw where one of the eating places were boasting seating.  There was about 4 inches of water under the benches and you could smell the fish. We had the flooding there this year, however the water went down in time to scrub and clean up for the fair. The worst area was trying to get the smell off of our skin. I turned on warm water in the shower and stood there for about fifteen minutes. I was happy for our new hot water heater.  I was also happy that we had the media air cleaner in the house. I believe some of it was our imagination, although I guess I smelled that smell for seconds. If not for the hot shower, media air cleaner and the AC, I’m not sure I would have slept well that evening.

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