Fishing and adding a heater

There is nothing better than getting together with some of your friends and going fishing for the week.  My friends and I have gone fishing together since we were young enough to fish with safety pins. We planned this great fishing trip to go salmon fishing.  We rented a small fishing shack that was right next to one of the best rivers for fishing for salmon. We knew it was going to be cold that week and we were ready.  We were so excited to get out to the river and start catching some fish that all we did was drop our gear and run. When we got back to the shack, it had to have been in the fifties and we found the propane furnace and got it running.  It didn’t do a great job of heating the place, so we had the propane furnace running even when we weren’t in the shack. By the end of the week, we had had salmon for dinner every day and we had a fish to take home. We knew that we were going to return to this fishing shack for several more years, and we immediately made reservations for the following year.  When we returned the next year, we found that the owners had made some major revisions to the old shack. Everything had been updated, including the furnace. We now had electric baseboard heat in the house. Every room was equipped with baseboard heat, including the porch. We had an amazing time and this year, we were warm the entire week.

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