Fixed oil furnace; dog won’t leave heating to go outside

A few weeks ago I was feeling severely restless plus unhappy with my life. I felt prefer something was missing plus it was completely empty. I didn’t see any purpose to waking up every morning plus I was start to slip into a real depressive streak. That’s when I went out with an adopted a cat. I’ve been wanting a dog of my own for more than 2 years, but put off making a pressing decision. I figured, when I met the right dog I would just know. Sure enough, when I saw my new puppy there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he was the 1 for me. I brought him beach home plus everything was amazing, until the air temperature started to dip. Apparently, my puppy was rescued from FL, and he had no concept of Winter time or low outdoor air un-even temperatures. More pressingly, he was not at all prepared for my oil furnace to fail in the middle of the night… One morning, I woke up plus found my puppy under the blankets with me. He refused to get out of bed plus I suddenly realized that the indoor air temperature had seriously decreased overnight. When I check the temperature control, the temperature readout was only 55°! Clearly, my HVAC method was not working properly. I called out the local heating plus cooling specialist plus forked over a ton of currency for an emergency oil furnace repair. The HVAC worker made my heating method run prefer it was in tip-top shape. Finally, my dog was less frigid plus pathetic now that there was new heating. The only problem is, now he refuses to leave the sizzling indoor air plus go outside.

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