Fixing a dishwasher

This past week when our youngest daughter was cleaning out the dishwasher, she yelled for me to come into the living room, quick! I ran in there to confront water seeping out all over the living room floor. The water seemed to be coming from under the primary kitchen sink. So I opened the cabinet doors to take a look at the pipes underneath there. It turns out that two of the plumbing connectors that connect the dishwasher to the plumbing drain under the sink had somehow cracked, which meant that now water was oozing everywhere. I’m not sure how we’d missed seeing it, quite honestly, because it appeared as if the water had been pooling there under the pipes for a long while! Frankly, I wasn’t quite sure what to do, since my husband was out of town for the day and I myself am no do-it-yourself-er when it comes to household projects, especially projects involving plumbing! I decided the best thing to do would be to call the local plumbing corporation for help. They were super nice on the phone and they told me that someone would be right over. The plumber arrived at our condo within an hour of my call, fortunately. And he was able to determine the problem with our dishwasher pipes very quickly. He made a small repair, wiped up some of the water, and finished the task in less than an hour. He even showed our daughter how he was fixing the pipes, connectors, and the dishwasher. And she was very interested in the plumbing service process. So much so that after the plumber left, she said that she’d paid very close attention. Next time something similar happens to the dishwasher, she will be able to service it herself and I can pay her instead!

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