Fixing up the new home is helpful for getting my wife in shape

My wife and I recently bought a home in fixer-upper condition.

When we made the purchase of the home, we had a 4 month span until our current house lease concluded.

We had four months to paint all of the rooms, install new ceramic tile flooring and scrub the place from top to bottom. There is now a single month remaining and it is crunch time. At first, I expected my wife would struggle with working so hard and steadily on the house. Due to her job, she spends a lot of time just sitting and staring at her screen. All of her hobbies are quite sedentary. She hasn’t done any kind of physical workout in over four years. I would not say she is fat or totally out of shape. She was just a little soft. She lacks muscle strength and is not all that motivated to be physically active. Now that we head to the new house several days per week to work on it, I have noticed a change in her body. Instead of sitting at her desk all day, she is squatting down, bending, reaching and lifting to install the tile. She is climbing up and down ladders to paint ceilings. She is carrying heavy objects out of the houses and hauling heavy cement inside. All the stretching, bending and movement is starting to show. I am pretty sure she has lost at least 8 to 10 pounds in the last few months. I have also noticed she sleeps much more soundly at night. My wife now has more energy during the day and has been regularly in a better and more positive mood. I am convinced that her being more physical is releasing feel-good endorphins in her and she’s happy with her accomplishments. I am a little worried about what happens when we finally move into our new house. Will my wife stop being physical and gain the weight right back? I am enjoying how she looks and feels right now.


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