Flipping houses hits a snag

Have you ever thought about flipping houses? I never had until late one night, nearly passed out drunk on the couch, I saw a tv show that changed my life. By the time I sobered up I was convinced that buying and flipping old houses was going to be my path to riches. While I did not become wealthy overnight, the business has been going pretty well. Or at least it had been until a few weeks ago when I made my first bad purchase. Now I am running into some problems I cannot fix on my own and am wondering how to proceed. I really had no idea that air conditioners were this complicated nor that they were so expensive. I am literally watching my profit margin go up in flames with these estimates for AC and heating repair. What a ripoff. I can’t believe these HVAC techs get away with charging these prices. I watched a few online tutorials and videos about repairing common air conditioning problems, so I think I will just tackle it myself. If everything goes wrong, I will need to pay for a heating and cooling tech to come and clean up my mess. But I would need to call an HVAC tech out to the house anyway, so what do I really have to lose? It is a definite gamble, but if I can get the cooling system to work long enough to flip the place, that is all I really need to do. Wish me luck in getting this old air conditioner to work again!

heating and a/c