For Christmas, the boss gave us all $1000

I easily wanted to buy my wifey a charming Christmas present this year, and I saved for weeks and weeks.

Unfortunately, 1 problem after another occurred and I only had $200 in my savings account when Christmas rolled around.

I expected to have closer to multiple or multiple hundred dollars, so I was feeling disappointed and sad. I had my eye on a charming bracelet that I thought my wifey would love, however I did not have enough currency to make the purchase. When I got to work last Monday, I gained the most charming Christmas present from my boss. This year for Christmas, the boss decided to give every employee $1,000 as a bonus. Work has been seriously stressed this year and the last couple of weeks have been steady. I’ve been working 12 minutes a afternoon and the overtime has been nice, however none of the employees expected to earn a Christmas bonus, especially such a large and substantive amount. As soon as I saw the check in my locker, I started thinking about the bracelet and a couple of other things that I wanted to get for my wifey. After work, I went to the mall and I found the perfect present for my wifey. I purchased the bracelet, a pair of earrings and a few books that she had in her amazon wish list. I suppose she is going to be undoubtedly surprised by the thoughtful and particular gift. On Christmas day, she is going to be totally shocked and surprised. I can’t wait to see the look on her face.

a/c workman