Forced to use oil diffusers in old house with musty air conditioner

When I finally had saved enough money to move out on my own after graduating college, my options were slim with the budget I was stuck with.  I basically had two options: either live in a less safe part of town at a lower price with a bigger apartment, or move to an average part of town and pay a little bit more for a scaled back studio apartment.  Since I don’t have a car and do all of my commuting on a bicycle, I decided to go with the latter option. The only problem with the studio apartment I ended up with is that that it’s extremely old. The building was built in the 1920s and all of the units are musty and drafty.  There’s a single window air conditioner but it’s at least 20 years old and smells gross when I turn it on. I usually start to get a stuffy nose when it runs and it feels miserable. I tried to cover the smell up with candles but it just didn’t work. A friend told me about essential oils and how I can buy an oil diffuser that will put the oil into the air which will freshen my apartment.  They’re supposedly safer than candles if you use natural oils and you can even sprinkle tea tree for instance in your air filter or on cotton balls in the air returns–which in my case are the small vents on the bottom of the unit that draw the air inward from below. I definitely noticed an improvement after alternating between diffusing tea tree and frankincense oil in my apartment. I’m hoping to have enough money saved soon to buy a new window air conditioner, but for now the oils are a blessing.

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