Forgot the right size

Last time I went to the hardware store, I came back with the wrong size air filters. My wife gave me a hard time for hours, and sent me right back out to retrieve the proper air filter. I didn’t want to make the mistake a second time, when my wife sent me out for air filters again. I specifically wrote down the air filter size, before leaving for the hardware store. I did some regular shopping while I was there. I purchased a gallon of paint for the garage. I purchased some Gorilla Glue, so I could fix a broken lawn ornament. I also purchased a new lock and key for the outdoor shed. By the time I remembered to pick up air filters, I glanced down at the size quickly. I grabbed the right air filters. I always choose the ones specifically made for pet odors and pet dander. They work really well in our home, and most people don’t believe we have seven dogs. When I came back home, I unloaded all of my bags. I took the air filters out to the garage. I opened the door to replace the air filter, and I removed the old one. It was covered in dog hair, but it wasn’t very thick. My wife and I frequently change our air filter, in order to keep the indoor air fresh and smelling clean. I placed the new air filter in our air conditioning system, and the air flow nearly sucked it into the machine. It was way too small for the slot. I looked down at the box of air filters, and realized I grabbed the wrong size again.

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