Forty degree weather

Now that I own a home of my own, I am finding that things are  much more difficult than my parents ever made it seem. They always paid their bills and it was warm in our home.  We had times when we all went on excursions and we did a lot of fun things as a family. I never realized just how difficult it must have been for them.  Even the time when our furnace broke down and mom and dad needed to buy a new one, they never acted like it was a hardship for them. I think of how little money they brought into the house, and it wasn’t very much compared to what I make now.  I sit and look at all of the bills that come into the house, and I look at my paycheck, and I wonder how I am going to manage, and I don’t even have children. They raised six of us on about forty dollars a week, yet they managed to make it work.  My monthly rent was almost as much as they put out for a brand new car. With a home, at least I have the option to make the house my own. I now have extra bills now. Last week, when my air conditioning quit working, I was the one who had to pay the HVAC company.  That was when I realized how effortless it seemed for them to make it all work. They put oil in the furnace, bought a new furnace, kept us in food and clothing. I said something to mom about the bills and how they did it. She just smiled, and said that when something is worth having, you always find a way.  

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