Foul smell in the HVAC

A longtime friend of mine and I’ve been having a great time now that we’re done with college classes. We’ve had some great experiences over the years, especially because we’ve known each other since high school. College  was very different but enjoyable. Things have worked out especially well for us this year. We are roommates now for graduate school. Instead of walking across campus to visit each other, we share expenses and are together most of the  time. Although we are both still students, we also have part time jobs to pay tuition, insurance, rent, and regular expenses, such as groceries. We recently saved up enough money together to buy a fairly old car which gets us around. We probably should have saved that money in case of problems, because right afterward, the air conditioner started putting out a nasty smell. Although not HVAC experts by any means, we knew enough about the basic mechanics to assess the situation, take the air conditioner apart and possibly resolve the issue.  We hoped to avoid purchasing a whole new air conditioner, and possible solve the problem with a minor replacement part. At first, we figured the issue might be the air filter but quickly reconsidered. We replaced the air filter, even though it didn’t look dirty, and this solved nothing. When we investigated further, we found a great deal of mold and mildew growing inside the equipment. We knew this was the source of the bad odor and most likely polluting our indoor air quality. After a thorough cleaning, we put the air conditioner back together again and it started right up.  It provided way more cool air and didn’t smell bad anymore.

HVAC serviceman