Found a better HVAC company

The other day, we received an advertisement in the mail for this new HVAC company in our area. They were offering some pretty sweet deals on HVAC system tune-ups, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try them out at least! Honestly, we weren’t going to get a deal so good with the HVAC company we regularly used and those guys never left the best impression on me anyway. So I called up this new company and thought it was a good sign that they were really nice on the phone. I didn’t even like calling the other company up because they always had lousy attitudes like they really didn’t like their jobs or something. Well, this was certainly refreshing and it was the same when the HVAC technician arrived to our place. He was in excellent spirits and it honestly put me in a better mood as well. He got to work right away and handled everything in a little over an hour. When he was finished with the work, he explained everything that he took care of and gave me some recommendations about what type of air filters would be best to use. I told him that the other company I used sold me those other air filters, and he said they were okay, but there were much better air filters that would easily improve our air quality. I liked that he was concerned about the health of my family and our air quality, so I decided to get HEPA air filters like he recommended. I enjoyed this new HVAC company so much that I decided to continue using their services.

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